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Our mechanical company offers a complete range of vehicle / car repairs. Yes, we are a fully mobile auto repair company and come to you - servicing all Adelaide's areas and suburbs.

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Our automobile experts provide urgent roadside assistance - if you're stuck on the South Eastern Freeway or anywhere else in SA, call (08) 7123 3293.


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Our mobile mechanics in Adelaide offer all routine service options including major & minor services for all vehicle makes and models. Please call or email us to make a booking.

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Mobile Mechanics in Adelaide SA

Do you live in Adelaides suburbs and need a mechanic? Mobile Mechanic Adelaide is the go to company when needing any service / repairs done to your vehicle.

Fully Mobile Mechanical Service

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The Importance of Having a Mobile Mechanic

Having your car break down is by far one of the most inconveniencing things that can happen to you when you are in a hurry to get someplace. Maybe you are late for an important meeting or you could be on your way to get your kids from school. Whatever the situation you are in, you will probably have to get someone to stand in for you as you figure out a way to get your car fixed. In such a situation, you will require a mechanic who can come in within a short amount of time and this is where mobile mechanics come in handy.

Why do people use mobile mechanics?

If you ask around about mobile mechanics, you will get people telling you that mobile mechanics are those individuals who deal with car problems such as the repair of windscreens or the detailing of cars. However, with time, the services offered by mobile mechanics have evolved to include much more than glass repair and car detailing and as such the former job description does not hold. With the increase of services offered by mobile mechanics, they have become quite popular but the range in services is not the only reason behind their popularity. Read on to find out more about their importance in our society today.

Reduced price

This is a factor that differs case by case and thus, you could find that it could be slightly different for you. However, you will find that mobile mechanics are less pricey as compared to mechanics in a garage. You could end up paying as much as twenty per cent to forty per cent less than what you would have spent in an auto-shop. The reason behind this great difference in prices is that mobile mechanics do not operate under the overheads of a garage and as such, it is much easier for them to break even, having accounted for their expenses.

The savings that mobile mechanics make as a result of lack of overheads are passed on to you in the form of reduced prices. These reduced prices should not make you question the quality of work that you will be offered as long as you conduct the right amount of due diligence before contracting the services of a mobile mechanic.

Mobile mechanics out to offer great services will also have insurance covers to protect you against liability in the occurrence of a damage to your vehicle and they will also offer warranties for the work done.

Up-front costs

The payment methods and schedules that you will get from a mobile mechanic will not differ greatly from what you would expect from a traditional mechanic. The first thing that a mobile mechanic will do on arriving at the scene will be to assess the amount of work that is required to fix your car. On doing this, the mechanic will then tell you how much the work will cost and after some negotiating here and there, the two of you can arrive at a reasonable price.

Costs included in the up-front costs will include things such as the cost of labour and the cost of repair. If they had to travel a long way to come assess your vehicle, this will also be factored into the price. This kind of pricing allows you to get an honest value of what the repairs are worth and prevents you from getting an inflated bill at the end.


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Vehicle Repair Services

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